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Kickoff meeting

Fluid Underground Kick-Off Meeting – Jan 29, 2019

Kick-off meeting

Website a work in progress, would like to populate with useful information

Would like to come up with an effective format for discussions, next forum will implement discussions

Introductions around the room. See list of participants

Noted no one from AOP&E department present

How do we expand this to other departments?

Soule – Idea to get together thematically or by region talk about gaps in knowledge

  1. Lizarralde – Learn what others are doing
  2. Fornari – characterize how fluid may flow, i.e. modeling, experiments


A lot of people working on complimentary problems, but they are NOT collaborating

Non-rigid template to be responsive, will serve need to get people talking


  1. Klein – Scientific aspect to think about, question one could address/who is interested in fluid related processes, could provide platform visible within WHOI
  • What are the instruments lacking
  • What instruments WHOI has that other don’t know about
  • Maybe a seminar series


  1. Sievert – Discussion from reaching outside, Geodynamics seminar next year (2020) planted seed


Timescale this semester

  • Goals on semester timeframe
  • Identifying speakers to bring in
  • Break into smaller groups for input from everyone


  1. German – intimate conversation purposefully assigned in random order talk about what is being worked on, 10 minute conversations each, what new grants would come about, Identify gap – articulate better, get engineers to show up


  1. Seewald – talk about future projects


  1. Huber – Did a round-table “speed-dating” type group interaction, at the end forced to come up with a project, it was challenging and fun, made to think about intersections


Dan F – spoke to MGG Program Manager at NSF, keenly interested in younger generation, proposing workshop/conference, next generation ridge/plate boundary studies


  1. Humphris – identify parameters or physical aspects, talk about permeability of fluids, then come up with timeframe for meeting frequency


  1. Klein – would like this to be fun and rewarding, not a drag or time waster


  1. Le Roux – maybe next meeting one science question related to fluids you’d want answered, could help get concrete ideas


  1. Klein – in addition to question, maybe a favorite speaker you would like to have
  • What people out there are lacking at WHOI
  • Speaker vs. Hire
  • Interdepartmental Hire?


If this went in a way, possibility of hosting national/international meeting, funding would be considered


What others at WHOI didn’t make it to Forum that may have interest?


  1. Fornari – sensor people may have interest


  1. Sievert – would like the web site to be interactive, i.e. forum, posting questions, would like effective use of web site, could use as a way to catalyze research, mention ideas, get input


Message board function? Or List Serve may be better? E-Mail simplest way


Web Site could be used as recruiting tool for students/hires

Fluid Underground could have slide deck, this is why WHOI does it, make easy, high-school/middle school pitch, why important & cool


If doing round table discussions create slide out of discussions, 2 minute slide about question?


  1. Fornari – Focus needed if trying to make progress


Small groups/6 discussion groups

Idea to make this happen over the next several years, could have a couple of focus points

This semester “till the soil”, i.e. small groups/presentations to come up with objective

Next semester look at outside people

Hone in on big questions/big knowledge gaps

What expertise to bring in (Fall Semester)


  1. Lizarralde – develop vocabulary and drivers, not get lost in details, find commonalty, bundle things


  1. Klein – Different subject topics to divide this group into smaller sub groups more focused and general big picture questions


Set up List Serve type of thing


Next month have solicit electronically Big Questions, collect them, see similarity/overlaps

Select a few topics to be presented in summary then break into small groups


  1. Fornari – one e-mail address for fluid underground group? Easy to contact group members


Summary of minutes to be posted on web for each meeting was suggested