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Rob Sohn

Rob Sohn

Senior Scientist, Geophysicist, G&G Dept.

  • Geophysical Investigations (fieldwork, lab experiments, theory) to understand how hydrothermal fluids circulate in the earth’s interior

Julie Huber

Associate Scientist, MC&G

  • Marine microbiology, biogeochemistry & genomics
  • Subsea floor biosphere
  • Deep-sea hydrothermal vents
  • Deep-sea instrumentation
  • Astrobiology

Stefan Sievert

Associate Scientist, Microbiologist, Biology

  • Combining laboratory and field investigations to study composition, diversity, and function of microbial communities in the dark ocean
  • Crustal fluid-microbe interactions and subseafloor biosphere at deep-sea vents
  • Instrumentation for in situ microbial rate measurements



Carl Bowin

Scientist Emeritus, Eclectic Geologist, G&G Dept.

  • Very slow deformation of the Earth’s surface

Pablo Canales

Associate Scientist w/ Tenure, G&G

  • Magma Storage, distribution, and transport from the mantle to the crust and eventually to the seafloor at MORs
  • Extent of alteration/serpentinization of mantle at MORs and incoming plates at subduction zones
  • Processes controlling fluid trapping/expulsion from megathrusts at convergent margins

Expertise -

  • Geophysics
  • Seismic imaging
  • Structure evolution of ocean lithosphere

Emmanuel A. Codillo

JP Student, G&G

  • Subduction zone focus
  • Fluid rock interaction along the sub-mantle interface
  • Melting and melt-rock interactions in the mantle wedge in subductions zones
  • Nature and composition of fluids from subducted slab

Dan Fornari

Emeritus Research Scholar, G&G Dept.

  • Mid-Ocean Ridge volcanism and hydrothermal processes
  • Shallow ocean crust permeability and fluid flow and impacts on hydrothermal processes and biota
  • Sensors to measure subsurface flow and flux of fluid chemical constituents
  • Scaling of local vent scale permeability to larger scale crustal permeability across a wide range of seafloor tectonic environments and plate boundaries
  • Time series characteristics of fluid flow on sediment and near-bottom biota and microbiota

Glenn Gaetani

Associate Scientist, G&G Dept.

  • High temperature, High pressure experiments
  • Magmatic volatiles
  • Magma storage & transport in the crust

Chris German

Senior Scientist, Geochemist, G&G Dept.

  • What controls distribution of seafloor fluid flow
  • What the impact of that flow is upon the oceans
  • How to translate this expertise to planetary explorations

Forrest Horton

Assistant Scientist, G&G

  • Magmatic volatiles in ocean island basalts, especially those in olivine-hosted inclusions
  • Metamorphic fluids that cause metasomatic mineral reactions
  • H2O and CO2 storage and mobility in mantle lithosphere

Susan Humphris

Senior Scientist, G&G Dept.

  • Water-rock reactions in seafloor hydrothermal systems to understand their roll in geochemical cycles
  • Geologic and tectonic controls on the distribution of seafloor hydrothermal systems

Frieder Klein

Associate Scientist, Geochemist/Metamorphic Petrologist, MC&G

  • I use laboratory experiments, theoretical models and field observations to better constrain hydrothermal processes and the chemical, physical, and biological implications.
  • I work in an array of geological settings including mid-ocean ridges, passive margins, subduction zones, ophiolites and extraterrestrial systems.
  • My main interests revolve around reaction pathways, redox conditions, chemical (F volume) changes and the deep biosphere

Ken Kostel

Director of Research Communications, Communications

  • Translates science into understandable information for the general public

Veronique Le Roux

Associate Scientist, G&G

  • Geochemistry/Petrology
  • Volatiles in high pressure rocks
  • Volatiles in subduction zones
  • Fluid cycling through plate tectonics processes

Techniques -    SIMS (secondary ion mass spec) for:

  • Volatile analyses
  • Micro-CT
  • High-P experiments

Yang Liao

Assistance Scientist, G&G

  • Hydrothermal circulation on Earth and in the moons, especially when fluid flows are coupled to water-rock reaction and tidal heating
  • Fluid transport in volcanic system, such as how porous magma and gas transport in crustal magma chamber, and their effect on volcano deformation.

Dan Lizarralde

Associate Scientist, G&G

  • Sedimented hydrothermal systems
  • SGD across the shelves
  • Water budgets and convergent margins
  • Global budgets of these systems
  • Contribution of seeps etc to pCO2
  • Shift-edge cold seeps
graphics-seewald-sievert-DSC_1865 vest

Jeff Seewald

Senior Scientist, MC&G

  • Water-rock reactions in numerous environments
    • Back-arc
    • Convergent margins
    • Sedimented systems
  • Experimental geochemistry and field studies
  • Organic-nonorganic interactions

Maurice Tivey

Senior Scientist, G&G Dept.

  • Marine geophysics related to subsea fluid circulation using magnetic and heat flux measurements
  • Mid-ocean hydrothermal systems
  • Back arc volcanic systems
  • Mineral deposition for economic geology
  • Off axis pasenation of mineral deposits
  • Co-Chair of InterRidge working group on seafloor mineralization upcoming first workshop to be held Sept. 2019 in Hangzhou, China

Ben Urann

JP Student, G&G

  • Dehydration of altered oceanic during high pressure metamorphism and the fate of slab-housed volatiles (F, C1, H2O, S, P)
  • Rueological properties of hydrothermally activated gabbro & peridotite at slow spreading ridges