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January 29, 2019 - Fluid Underground Kick Off Meeting

Website a work in progress, would like to populate with useful information

Would like to come up with an effective format for discussions, next forum will implement discussions Introductions around the room: See List of Participants

Noted - no one from AOP&E Department present How do we expand this to other departments?

A. Soule – Idea to get together thematically or by region talk about gaps in knowledge

D. Lizarralde – Learn what others are doing

D. Fornari – characterize how fluid may flow, i.e. modeling, experiments

A lot of people working on complimentary problems, but they are NOT collaborating Non-rigid template to be responsive, will serve need to get people talking

F. Klein – Scientific aspect to think about, question one could address/who is interested in fluid related processes, could provide platform visible within WHOI

  • What are the instruments lacking
  • What instruments WHOI has that other don’t know about
  • Maybe a seminar series

S. Sievert – Discussion from reaching outside, Geodynamics seminar next year (2020) planted seed

R. Sohn - Timescale this semester

  • Goals on semester timeframe
  • Identifying speakers to bring in
  • Break into smaller groups for input from everyone

C. German – intimate conversation purposefully assigned in random order talk about what is being worked on, 10 minute conversations each, what new grants would come about, Identify gap – articulate better, get engineers to show up

J. Seewald – talk about future projects

J. Huber – Did a round-table “speed-dating” type group interaction, at the end forced to come up with a project, it was challenging and fun, made to think about intersections

D. Fornari – spoke to MGG Program Manager at NSF, keenly interested in younger generation, proposing workshop/conference, next generation ridge/plate boundary studies

S. Humphris – identify parameters or physical aspects, talk about permeability of fluids, then come up with timeframe for meeting frequency

F. Klein – would like this to be fun and rewarding, not a drag or time waster

V. Le Roux – maybe next meeting one science question related to fluids you’d want answered, could help get concrete ideas

F. Klein – in addition to question, maybe a favorite speaker you would like to have?

  • What people out there are lacking at WHOI
  • Speaker Hire
  • Interdepartmental Hire?

If this went in a way, possibility of hosting national/international meeting, funding would be considered What others at WHOI didn’t make it to Forum that may have interest?

D. Fornari – sensor people may have interest

S. Sievert – would like the web site to be interactive, e. forum, posting questions, would like effective use of web site, could use as a way to catalyze research, mention ideas, get input

  • Message board function? Or List Serve may be better? E-Mail simplest way
  • Web Site could be used as recruiting tool for students/hires
  • Fluid Underground could have slide deck, this is why WHOI does it, make easy, high- school/middle school pitch, why important & cool

D. Fornari – Focus needed if trying to make progress

If doing round table discussions create slide out of discussions, 2 minute slide about question?

  • Small groups/6 discussion groups
  • This semester “till the soil”, e. small groups/presentations to come up with objective
  • Hone in on big questions/big knowledge gaps
  • Next semester look at outside people
  • What expertise to bring in (Fall Semester)

Idea to make this happen over the next several years, could have a couple of focus points

D. Lizarralde – develop vocabulary and drivers, not get lost in details, find commonalty, bundle things

F. Klein – Different subject topics to divide this group into smaller sub groups more focused and general big picture questions

Next month have solicit electronically Big Questions, collect them, see similarity/overlaps Select a few topics to be presented in summary then break into small groups

D. Fornari – one e-mail address for fluid underground group? Easy to contact group members

Summary of minutes to be posted on web for each meeting was suggested