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Locked Down Underground – Best Paper Competition

As the institution reopens, things that have been hidden are coming to light. This is consistent with the mission of the Fluid Underground – to bring subsurface fluid processes to light, and build a community in the process. And so with this parallelism in mind, we announce the Fluid Underground ‘Locked Down Underground’ best paper competition for WHOI-authored subsurface fluids papers published during the COVID era. If you are a co-author on a peer-reviewed paper addressing any aspect of subsurface fluids that was published between March 1, 2020, and December 1, 2021, then please send it to either Rob Sohn ( or Stefan Sievert ( to be considered for the award. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2021. The winner(s – depending on submission statistics, we may choose more than one) will receive FU swag ranging from pint glasses to hoodies, and an opportunity to present their research at an upcoming FU forum. All WHOI staff are eligible to submit a paper, including students, postdocs, technicians, engineers, and scientific staff.

The winners, and the timing of the awards ceremony/research presentation, will be announced in December.