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2019 Best Paper Contest


Rob Sohn                             Kirt Robinson

Julie Huber                         Ben Urann

Stefan Sievert                     Andy Cross

Eilean Kozak                       Forrest Horton

Jeff Seewald                       Harry Brodsky

Frieder Klein                      Veronique LeRoux

Emanuel Codillo                Maurice Tivey

Delia Oppo


Frieder Klein and Jeff Seewald were the selected winners of the 2019 Best Paper Contest for their entry:Abiotic methane synthesis and serpentinization in olivine-hosted fluid inclusions

They were awarded Fluid Underground pint glasses and hoodies.

The presentation highlighted the findings of their study and the ubiquitous occurrence of methane (CH4)-rich fluid inclusions in olivine-bearing rocks that, collectively, may constitute one of the largest reservoirs of abiotic CH4 on Earth. Because serpentinization in olivine-hosted fluid inclusions takes place in isolation from the surrounding rock, hydrogen (H2) and CH4 can form in any rock type containing olivine that hosts aqueous fluid inclusions, including those that do not undergo serpentinization on a macroscopic scale. Serpentinization and associated CH4 formation within olivine-hosted fluid inclusions has likely supplied microbial ecosystems with abiotic CH4 throughout most of Earth’s history and may be a source of H2 and CH4 on other planetary bodies in our solar system, even those where liquid water is no longer present.

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